Located only four miles from the western base of the Big Horn Mountains, Lazy Spring Ranch is a 300 acre active cattle ranch that spans the lush valley watered by Beaver Creek. The home, constructed in 2010, compliments the tranquility of Shell Valley. In the morning, watch the sun rise above mountains that soar to 10,000 feet above sea-level and 5,800 feet above the ranch. Much of the summer, cattle graze the fertile fields along with deer and dozens of birds including Blue Herons, pheasants, and sage hens and an occasional flock of Sand Hill cranes.

The house, including its large windows and open floor plan decorated with antiques and artwork, welcomes both conversation and quiet. Our well-appointed kitchen, luxurious bedding, linens and towels and a wide range of recreational and spa facilities combine to create a unique and personal experience for you and your fellow guests. Besides the 6 bedroom Guest House, a farmhouse rented by a local family sits nearby to keep you from feeling isolated. You will often see their horses grazing in the field next to the barn.

Lazy Spring Ranch has partnered with Black and White at Lazy Spring Ranch ( to provide all-inclusive event services for weddings, conferences, and special family celebrations.


The Beaver Creek community includes friendly and helpful neighbors, several of whom are listed in the house directory. To further ease the doubts of visitors who are unused to seclusion and quiet, the house includes a security gate across the driveway, a monitored security system, and exterior cameras. A combination of wooden rail fences, three-wire cattle fencing, and electrified fences surround the house to deter cattle and most wild animals, though, deer have been known to ignore the buzz.


The Lazy Spring Ranch is a smoke-free environment designed primarily for adults, but children are welcome. Appropriate fencing surrounds the house, separating visitors from the ranch and its animals, but children must be accompanied by adults and those adults must accept responsibility for the dangers associated with a working ranch. Such hazards include the creek, irrigation ditches, electrified fences and large roaming animals.

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