Shell:                         4,200' above sea level
Lazy Spring Ranch:    4,400' above sea level.
Big Horn Mountains:  9,000' to 10,000' above sea level.
In Wyoming, elevation determines temperature and precipitation.

Thus, a summer day in the valley can be hot while the mountains remain cool. Precipitation also varies, with the mountains receiving more than the valley.

Average Annual Precipitation: 13"
May and June Average: 2" per month; Other Months Average: 1"


Month High Low
January 33º
February 36º 15º
March 48º 24º
April 60º 31º
May 70º 40º
June 78º 52º
July 90º 55º
August 85º 52º
September 75º 44º
October 64º 30º
November 45º 22º
December 38º 15º

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