Shell Valley

Shell, WY – Pop. 50

Only in Wyoming, could a town of 50 citizens be this beautiful, and this interesting. Nestled along the banks of Shell Creek and surrounded by rolling hills draped with grass and lush fields of corn and cattle, Shell is a patch of gnarly cottonwoods and log cabins, some authentic, that progress never quite found. Though highway signs tell motorists to slow to 35 mph, the shady calm of the community scattered beneath a dense canopy of trees invites drivers, who would otherwise have passed through, to stop and rest. This oasis of stone stores and log homes doesn't give away its secret haunts to just anyone, but willingly shares some of America’s most beautiful and peaceful treasures with visitors who are willing to stop, walk around, and imagine.

For instance, follow Hwy14 as it meanders up the side of Shell Canyon, visit the Medicine Wheel Historic Site near the summit of 9,962' high Medicine Mountain, or hold your breath while looking down, 500' vertical, into the canyon of the Bighorn River. You’ll wonder why no one talks about this place, but you’ll also be glad that so few do.

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